Can we make our own luck?

Some people seem to be born lucky – They meet their perfect partners, achieve their ambitions, and live happy lives.

The British psychologist Dr. Richard Wiseman has done a lot of research to discover why some people are luckier than others. After interviewing hundreds of people with the questionnarie he has concluded that people who think they are lucky achieve more success and happiness than those who don´t. Without realizing it, they are creating good fortune in their lives.

Lucky people expect to be lucky. Convince yourself that your future will be bright and lucky. Set realistic but high goals. If you fail, don´t give up, and be open idea of trying a different way to achieve your goals. Try, try, and try… Make a list of all the advantages you would get if you achieved your goals and the disadvantages. Compare the advantages with the disadvantages and you will see wich goals are worth trying to achieve.

Lucky people use bad luck to their advantage. If something bad happens, imagine how things could have been worse. You will then realize that things aren´t so bad after all. Compare your situation with other people who are in an even worse situation. Take a long view of things – even if things seem bad now, expect them to get better in the end. Learn from your past mistakes and think of new ways of solving your problems. Do something to make the situation better: Focus on a solution to the problem… Put your bad lucky behind you.

Be open te new experiences and vary your routine. Lucky people make the most od their oportunities.


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