Have you ever broken a bone?

I explain in this Online voice recorder my answer to this question:


By Y. Muriel

I would like to tell you about the time I was five-years-old and I had to go to the hospital after I suffered a terrible accident. That was when I was walking towards my house I bumped into a barrier that was placed in the street.

Initially, I didn’t feel much paint because of the shock. But then, I tried to move my leg, and as soon as I stood up I started to cry because I had a terrible pain for instance and eventually it hurt so much that I had to lie on the floor of the street. In the end, I decided to go to the hospital and told to the doctor I had been walking for one hour when I fell down and I got a fracture of the right leg with signs of severe bruising. As soon as I arrived at hospital a nurse bandaged my leg up and gave me a painkiller. After that. I wasn’t surprised when the doctor told me that the problem was I broke my bones of the leg. He asked me to stop working for a long time straightaway and, instead, lay on the bed in order to be able to walk again. Evidently, I followed his advice.

During three months I used a plaster cast for protecting my broken leg and I walked in my house with crutches.

After that time, I was as right as rain because I got around the city without any help.




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