17 ways technology will change our lives by 2050

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Article: “17 ways technology will change our lives by 2050”

There are new forms of tecnology are bound to change our lives.

Scroll down the cursor to see the summary predictions about the future.

  1. By 2018, drones start making deliveries like packages  to hospitals.

  2. A hyperloop will transport people between two cities. https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperloop


3. Machines could be concious.

4. Space trips will send people to Mars

5. Prosthetics will be so avanced that they could give new people skills.


6. Virtual reality will replace textbooks.


Google expedition’s App lets students take trips in VR.

7. The smartphone will become obsolete. It will possible to pull up screens in AR by a tiny bracelet.


Magic Leap is working to place AR in the first place.

8. People will drive Self-driving cars.

9. The buildings will be build by 3D-printing. In China, a company named Winsun have built 10 3D-printed houses in one day.


10. The robots will do work around our house and they will provide companionship. Toyota plans to build robots geared assiting people around the house.

Toyota launches ‘baby’ robot for companionship

11. The advancemenents in nanotechnology will make possible to plug our brains into computers and live in a simulated world, like the film Matrix. Tesla CEO Elon Musk outlined that when he talked about neural lace at the Vox Media’s Code Conference in Southern California.


12. We will improve the use of renewable energy. We will use solar power from places like the Sahara Desert to power the entire country.


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