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The Save Soho campaign began in 2014 when one of the area’s ninght-clubs, Madame Jojo’s, closed. Last year the club reopened, but the Save Soho campaign goes on, and certainly getting plenty of media attention.

This campaign start because the colourful character of Soho could be under threat  from property development  and gentrification.

Soho is the area of Central London that lies to the south of Oxford Street, to the east of Regent Street, to the north of Leicester Square and to the west of Charing Cross Road. It only covers one square mile, but it’s a very colourful square mile. Here you will find jazz clubs like Ronnie Scott’s, cafés like Bar Italia, as well as  artists, musicians, GL-BTQ people , film companies and strip joints .

For anybody who feels a bit different, that doesn’t belong, a sense of not being able to belong somewhere, or not being welcome somewhere, Soho has always been a destination. And I think, obviously, the Huguenots, the refugees, the French revolutionaries, later on, you know, the Italian community and then, much more recently, the gay community. It’s an endless sort of turning over of people that I don’t know if it’s…maybe it’s in our DNA now because it’s happened for so long, but there’s a “It’s OK, we can go to Soho, they’ll accept us, it will be OK there.”

Soho has always been a place that’s a sort of overlooked  the rules and regulations, not to the detriment  or danger of anybody, but with a sort of friendly, knowing tolerance for people. I don’t mean criminals, I mean, there are certain places, if you run down  the street with no clothes on that you probably would end up  in the back of a police van; Soho, probably not, probably everybody would applaud because it is like a film set  and it’s the only film set and the only stage  that, as a member of the audience, you get to be part of the cast.

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Por Y. Muriel

Douglas Trumbull y Richard Yuricich  fundaron la empresa Entertainment Effects Group (EEG), que desarrolló los efectos especiales de la película de culto BLADE RUNNER.  Trumbull, junto con Yuricich y Dryer diseñaron el mundo del futuro que se muestra en la película.


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IDEAS EMPRENDEDORAS (XVII) – Should higher salaries be limited?

By Y.Muriel


In many enterprises, a big number of employees get paid a low wage while a small number of managers earn a high salary.

Some people believe that the high remuneration package of executives, on average 400 times the salary of a blue-collar worker, reduce significantly the profits of the company. More importantly, this management are paid more than their worth. What’s worse, some fat cats bosses can be entitled to large amounts of remuneration even when they are doing badly. Thus, the government should limit this high salaries.

Another people think that this high working conditions are right because this executives have a high responsibility on his work. Consequently, this employees receive a compensation in a way of remuneration package that may include share options, stock options or performance-related bonus. What’s more, they can have a severance package if they are forced to leave the organization.

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IDEAS EMPRENDEDORAS (XVIII) – A project to help homeless people

By Y.Muriel


As far I’m concerned, I would rather spend the money on homeless help, as there is a big issue in our city because many people had been pushed out of their houses, so they are sleeping on the streets. Unfortunately, nowadays we let homeless people alone and this situation makes me angry. We’d better solve the problem instead let them struggle.



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