The Neon Demon and why special people have to stay alert

The Neon Demon is psychological horror film directed by Nicolas Winding Refn that keeps the vampirism symbolic of the real world. The film speaks the language of counterculture too and it’s the most Lynch style surrealism. Who minds about human damage, as long as it looks good?

Everywhere people fall before the beauty of the main character Jesse. Three women, the two blonde vamps (Gigi and Sarah) and Ruby will stop at nothing to get rid of her, even cannibalism. Soon, other models in the town of Los Angeles become jealous of Jesse’s youth and vitality and the rest of the fashion industry is jealous of Jesse’s vibrancy (like “the sun” as a literally vampiric model tells her). More exactly, the models are jealous of the industry bigwigs revolving around her, so they want her gone. Unfortunately, models will kill her to be her.

The Neon demon is exactly drawing us our world and why not, our professional work world. Jesse is special and that is linked to the danger, and this kind of peolple have to stay alert. But she doesn’t do.

Refn’s Neon demon comes in many forms (a mountain lion that gets into Jesse’s motel room when she leaves the door open…), but we get a glimpse of the Neon demon in its truest form as Jesse walks the fashion show. She walks towards three hovering neon triangles that seem to appear as if in a vision. When Jesse reaches them, she looks up to see three reflections of herself. The triangles are the satanic symbol of the Neon demon. It’s like the three bad women and generally it’s like the bad people in the world.

she inspires jealousy

The white triangle are inspired by the work of the architect James Turrel, whose works are like a sacred spaces. That reference gave the triangle a touch of the spiritual. The coulour blue had a lot to do with the Greek myth Narcissus. Then it’s going to transform into red and go from the Alice in Wonderland girl to the empovered beauty girl. It’s done with just light and mirrors.

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I tell you what happened in this online voice record:


By Y.Muriel

Did I ever tell you about the time I created my own app? here’s a good story to shown why you shouldn’t stop making things and, why not? You can make your own app.

This was around the time I was living in Barcelona and I used to take the Barcelona underground when I commuted to work. You won’t believe it, but I had to take three lines so I spent travelling more than one hour every day. It was far too much time. What a nightmare!

And because of that, I decided I’d better built my own iPhone Apple app as I needed to change some trains as quickly as possible.

On the first day of my travel with the app, I got to work at 7 am. My boss called me the day before because of a meeting that I had to attend with japan costumers that day at 8.00 am in the head office. Then I logged onto my app account to travel in the underground. It was perfect because I knew what was the best train’s carriage to sit in, in every station. Not only that, I knew which was the best door to sit near to get off one line and run to the other.

picture: the station master app

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Joe makes things with cardboard  when she was a child. Later Joe grows up and she divorces, she has two young children. He works as an airline ticket clerk. He lives with her mother and theirs two children in a small house. Terry, her mother, spends all the time watching soap operas. Her father, Rudy who is separated from her mother wants to live in her house because his patner, Sharon, had throwed him out. So he will share the basement of the house with Hoy’s ex-husband, Toni, who is an amateur singer.

Her father has a garage business co-run by her half-sister. Rudy is finding a new partner by a dating agency. Finally, he meets a rich Italian widow called Trudy.

When one day Joy comes back to home, a pipe springs a leak in the bedroom of Terry.

The grandmother of Joy, Mimi, who also lives in the house, believes that Joy will be a success in life.

Later, Trudy invites all Joy’s family onto her private yacht for a party. The guests spill red wine on the deck. While Joy wrings out the mop that she has used to clean up the mess, Joy cuts her hands. She have an idea about an innovate mop. She works on her mop idea with her daughter and she asks Trudy to invest in that idea.


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What happened to him ten years later?

By Y.Muriel

I explain what happened in this online voice record:


Ten years later, he wrote a mystery thriller book called “The mysterious of the black stone”. He was living in one of the biggest and best hotels near the centre of London when he began to write a story in the room of the hotel.

He thought about a detective story because of his recent past. Effectively, in his recent life he had seen a died man who had a long knife through his heart that pinned him to the floor. So, he knew a lot about thriller stories. Also, he had seen something in a corner of a building, that made his blood turn cold. And others things like that.

He wrote every morning and then, in the afternoons he went for a long walk alone on the open moor where he planned his writing for the next day and when come to him a lot of ideas.

Everything went well. The characters seemed to come alive inside her head. For example, one character was a man who have to change his look like a milkman. Others characters were a farmer who was travelling by train, a hotel-owner and a fisherman.

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