Gender equality

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One day in 1975, the women of Iceland stopped work and refused to do the housework because they wanted men respected their work, and equal wage.

In 2018, Iceland was the first country in the world where the companies have to prove gender equality. So Iceland is called the best place in the world for the woman.

There are a lot of female managers in Iceland who don’t give up their work to have children. In 1980, Iceland had a female president of the country that was the first female president in Europe at once. She says the “” was the beginning for women’s equal rights. One of the consequence was she was president.

However, after her, Iceland didn’t have another female president and the parliament losed woman and unequal rights still is.

Nowadays, the grown woman of Iceland do not want to wait for equal pay at work. Perhaps, the Iceland’s new law allows this gender equality.

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