Two incredibly days / Deux Jours exceptionnels

I tell you this event in the record website Vocaroo:


I’m going to tell you about some good news that I received last year related to my work. It isn’t been a long time so I can remember that day so well.

First at all, I was working in my office where I work as an architect, when a new email arrived from my phone. Unexpectedly, I received an official notification to attend a conference about BIM (Building Information Modelling) technology. So, I got the chance to assist to the program called “Deux jours exceptionnells” (two incredibly days) which was in Lyon during three days. I was highly delighted to hear this news.

Several months before that day, I had applied for a recruitment process in the University of Lyon, then they had accepted my application. During the process which was very competitive, we were tested about our knowledge of technology in general as well as French language level. Though it required time and effort, the result was very rewarding.

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