A chuckle may be helpful for good health

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This article “WANT TO LIVE LONGER?” describes the results of research, showing that a chuckle may be helpful for good health. For instance, the laughter of mothers at a funny film decreases allergic reactions of their babies because those women who giggled had bigger levels of melatonin in their breast milk, which are used to feed those infants.
In the same way, the latest research reveals that amusement and fun play a positive role in health and long life. That’s more, chortling at funny film can positively influence illness and bad states like cardiovascular disease, hypertension, influenza, rheumatism and diabetes. So, nurses start going laughter workshops in order to make patients feel happier and more hopeful in their stays in hospitals.
But the question is if humour does more than decrease stress. In others words, what are the real clinical benefits of laughter.

One relevant discovery of the impact of laughter is the effect on inflammation, which is a key constituent of a lot age-associated chronic illness that leads often to incapacity. For example, a medical journal revealed when patients with rheumatoid arthritis chortled at a funny film, fell in an important way the levels of inflammatory compounds.

Also researchers thrown up that the energy missed from a laughter which is the reason of the boost of the amount of energy used and pulsation. That means we can dismiss the impact of a little chocolate bar after a 15 minutes of happiness.

When I’m stressed I have low mood so I like to watch silent movies of one of the world’s most famous comedians called Carlie Chaplin. Those funny films which a humour based on silent, visual situations without words have a positive effect on me because they reduce my stress and act as a distraction. As everyone can understand this humour, those films could be used in therapy to improve our quality of life.

The black humour makes me laugh a lot because this kind of humour who does the British with jokes which uses the irony, are really funny. For instance, a joke in which a tortoise run in a race faster than a dog.

It seems to me that we have to reject jokes which see women as inferior to men. So laughter in this kind of humour about women is wrong.
If you ask me when I laughed at myself, it’s happened to me when I walked down the street and suddenly, I fell. But, I didn’t be embarrassed and I had a laugh at myself.

A study published in 2011 by the University of California Berkeley found that it’s important to laugh at oneself as people who have the ability to take themselves not much seriously have a better sense of humour and a upbeat personality.
I think that Victor Borge was a performer who had the ability of mixing jokes and music. And, he creates a new language of laugher with his piano that was universal as it was understood for every background.

Some people may disagree with me, but as far as I’m concerned taking life too seriously cause stress and bad mood. Moreover, we worry about thinks unnecessarily, so we lose the potential opportunities which can come in life.
To be honest, I think that laugther isn’t the best medicine. Even though a good joke can be therapeutic, a giggle doesn’t prevent or cures a disease. So, laughter it’s useful with real medicine.




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