The dark side of the modern democratic societies- English thriller books

You can hear why the thriller books explores the dark side of the modern democratic societies:

Personally, I need a space for my evolving and changing in order to keep going. So, my biggest motivation for learning English has been to reach my own world through English books or movies.

I have been reading thriller novels in English for a long time. I enjoyed them because these books were a rollercoaster where the author pushed the characters completely out of her comfort zone to into a spinning world and their deepest fears.

My great success in the process of learning English have been that shortly after starting, I could read these books. What’s more, I could understand that this genre explored the dark side and issues of the modern democratic societies by the increasing power of the corporations and the struggles to define one’s identity.

I especially like the English vocabulary used in these thrilling intrigues as their complexity was fascinating going into a fast-paced action. I haven’t seen it in any other Spanish thriller stories

On the other hand, in English some of the phonemes are represented by the combination of letters because there are only 26 letters. So I don’t like it as english spelling gets tricky.




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