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The text “Taking a year off to travel: road schooling your kids”, written by Jenny Campbell, deals with the choice to take a year off to travel abroad with your family. Jenny, who is the mother of the family, thought that the main problem could be to home schooling their children because her husband and she are not teachers.

They are now more than half of the year travel but they have realized that road schooling their children has been surprisingly amusing and they have liked it a lot. Although there are different manners of being in charge of kid’s education the writer explains her own way.

First of all, it’s needed to inform in an official manner that you are home schooling your children. For example, Jenny tells us that the requirement was to fill out a document and they were registered officially.

Also, in order to know the guidelines for what the children should learn, the parents got the common core curriculums. Moreover, they got assessment tools such as blank report cards for the next years. So they review this with the school.

Related to logistics the parent taught their children 4 days a week the lessons they know well attempting to be flexible about the planning. For instance, when they were in Rome they didn’t do school because there was a lot of learning there.

And supplied each kid with a useful Google Chrome Book laptop, they make their school work properly.

Related to this topic I can tell us I have a friend that uses the travel to teach their children when they go on holidays. So before they visit a new country they kick off a research about that country putting forward several research ideas and choosing one to develop. For example, before they went to Sydney they did a research about the building the Opera house.

The most interesting learning experience I have had while I were traveling was I was in the remote Egyptian village of El Nazla, suprised by the hands of an elderly craftsman turning a grey lump of clay into a perfectly proportioned pot. It was a though transformation that only was possible with a skill passed through generations. So I realized that moments like this that bring travel abroad encourage me to visit remote locations.

Why do people travel? Why do you travel?

It seems to me that, now that nearly every place of our planet has been televised, it might be thought that we do not need to be informed about what foreign places look like. So in my opinion, people travel to have eye-opening experiences and I like to think they had a constructive effect on their character and on people’s personal development.

I am a happy travel ,I travel a lot because I search new experiences that provide me an open-mind, insight and maturity. For example, when I was in Japan, I set up a lesson to do calligraphy in a Buddhist temple.

And also I learn a lot taking simple snaps because later, when I am at home, I start an online research to find linked information so I learn a lot trough the images.

Finally  I love travelling to meet new people.



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