Genetics versus Epidemiologists

Genetics took a big step in 1953 when Watson and Crick deciphered the code for human DNA. Nowadays, we are able to access a lot of information about genes that it appears the progress in the field of genetics is taken for granted.

Many people think that diseases are determined by a single gene but many common illnesses are controlled by hundreds of genes. What is more, it seems that people’s genes could be changed, for example, by the environment.

On the other hand, there are epidemiologists who argue that environment are more important than genes in relation to health. But only the environmental factor such us being smoking has been identified as a direct cause to desease. Indeed, obesity can be reduced by changing the environment taking less sugary drinks so it is not predetermined by our genes.

In conclusion, when we talk about health, genes don’t work alone and are usually linked to their environments.


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Some good coronavirus news: genetic detectives are on the case



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