The old Orwellian nightmare of democracy

Perhaps a good think about reading the article of The Guardian Nothing but the truth: the legacy of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four is it prompted me to think about today’s democracy, freedom and truth.
Today, democracy is a battle of wills, negotiation or power struggle. Indeed, there are lobbies influencing politicians, playing the strings in our puppet show. Given this, a number claim that the concept of democracy is at stake. So, I strongly agree with this idea as we are trapped in the old Orwellian nightmare of democracy.
Firstly, modern politicians claim democracy without bearing in mind that the main aim of the political system that is the power must be in the society. So democracy should struggle for the rights of the people and their freedom.
However, it seems that today the only goal of modern politicians is to get votes. What is more, they are influenced by the lobbies preventing the politicians from working in an objective way. As a result, modern societies are sorrowly manipulated by politicians as well as the truth is hidden.
Moreover, countless politicians put the case for the real needs of modern societies such as good health care, excellent education or safety.
Secondly, we can confirm how democracy is ending and the death of the truth and the unfreedom, in examples such as when in 2016 Trump took the White House, Britain voted for Brexit and populism swept across Europe.
To sum up, to address the issue that modern societies have with today’s democracy, as there is a lack of freedom and truth, politicians should fight for people’s today necessities being honest. Indeed, when that happens people will recover their power coming back to the origins of democracy.

©Image: Newsday

If men continue to believe in such facts as can be tested and to reverence the spirit of truth in seeking greater knowledge, they can never be fully enslaved. (George Orwell)

Seventy years later, that feels like a very large if.

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