THE JUST SOCIETY OF INTERNET (3) Citizens are more powerful in a digital era

The  website which had published the truth came under cyberattack and kept falling offline.  In response, Website supporters began to mirror the site on over 1000 servers around the globe. It was impossible to remove the Website from the Internet.


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THE JUST SOCIETY OF INTERNET (2) The truth published in a Website

In 2009, all three of Iceland’s banks failed. Normally, stoic and proper Ice landers have starting protesting.

In July 2009, a Website fueled a growing popular rage when it published a confidential internal memo from Kaupthing, the largest failed bank in the country. This Website had got hold of the Kauphting loan book, which showed what was going on in a lot of those Icelandic banks. They had credit ratings which were completely at odds with their actual credit worthiness. It was all insiders, they took out billions of dollars out of this bank, and bankrupted the thing shortly before it went bankrupt anyways. They had intended on realising a full report regarding the enormous credit facilities made available by Kaupthing to the various companies of its shareholders.


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A worm is a self-replicating program. It breaks into a computer and jumps from system to system. In 1990, they still were uncommon. We didn’t know what it would do. We knew it was malicious. If the worm got into a machine, it would change the announcement message, and spelled out in little lines and littles characters.


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Douglas Trumbull y Richard Yuricich  fundaron la empresa Entertainment Effects Group (EEG), que desarrolló los efectos especiales de la película de culto BLADE RUNNER.  Trumbull, junto con Yuricich y Dryer diseñaron el mundo del futuro que se muestra en la película.


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17 ways technology will change our lives by 2050

 You can read this article in this website in order to have more information (click the folow link):

Article: “17 ways technology will change our lives by 2050”

There are new forms of tecnology are bound to change our lives.

Scroll down the cursor to see the summary predictions about the future.

  1. By 2018, drones start making deliveries like packages  to hospitals.

  2. A hyperloop will transport people between two cities.

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What future for virtual reality?

– VR Experience.
– Oculus. Prototype. “Grescent Bay”.
– Pixels/dots in front of you are better.
– Face-to-face Comunication is the futur of VR.


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