Two incredibly days / Deux Jours exceptionnels

I tell you this event in the record website Vocaroo:


I’m going to tell you about some good news that I received last year related to my work. It isn’t been a long time so I can remember that day so well.

First at all, I was working in my office where I work as an architect, when a new email arrived from my phone. Unexpectedly, I received an official notification to attend a conference about BIM (Building Information Modelling) technology. So, I got the chance to assist to the program called “Deux jours exceptionnells” (two incredibly days) which was in Lyon during three days. I was highly delighted to hear this news.

Several months before that day, I had applied for a recruitment process in the University of Lyon, then they had accepted my application. During the process which was very competitive, we were tested about our knowledge of technology in general as well as French language level. Though it required time and effort, the result was very rewarding.

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Rencontre avec…. Faïza Guène

Entretien avec Faïza Guène par Y. Muriel

Dans notre volonté de promouvoir les figures d’entrepreneurs culturels à travers le développement d’outils innovants, d’usages collectifs inédits, formes d’agir différentes, formes d’écrire nouvelles… nous souhaitons apporter un coup de projecteur sur un projet innovant comme sont les livres de l´écrivaine Faïza Guène.

Difficile de dresser le portrait de Faïza Guène (ïza_Guène) sans l’étiqueter comme l’auteur de banlieue. Pas un journaliste qui ne lui pose une question sur les problèmes de banlieue, pas des médias qui ne la rangent dans le type ” la beurette qui écrit des livres”. Mais en brossant son portrait à gros traits, on la dépouille déjà des quelques clichés. Notamment de l’idée que son succès est  un conte de fée. Selon raconte Faïza en une interview, son professeur lui demande l’autorisation pour qu’une histoire racontée par elle, soit étudié par quelqu’un (une éditrice chez Hachette). Preuve qu’elle a du talent.

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An interview with Laura, from “The garden party”

AN INTERVIEW WITH…a character from the book The garden party :

LAURA in THE GARDEN PARTY (Katherine Mansfield)


By Y.Muriel


Talk show host: Thanks for joining us today, Laura. We know that you were more sensitive, compassionate and empathetic than the rest of your family. For example, when you knew the news of the man’s death, you felt a connection with the lower class. So you were the only person who thought the garden party must be stopped. Why didn’t the party stop? As finally the party took place as planned.

Laura: Well, firstly I would like to say I asked to cancel the party as a sign of respect for Scoot, a poor neighbour who had just died working as a carter. But my family refused to cancel the party because it was outside Sheridan’s education practices.

Talk show host: So,  how did you feel when your mother said that your proposal of cancelation was absurd?

Laura: Well, I felt strange from my own upper class but I thought the family’s behaviour was the consequence of a conventional Victorian education that they learned.  One of the adverse effects of this education was class distinctions between the upper and working classes. However, someone who had lost their loved one didn’t want to heard sounds of a celebration. So, I attempted to dissolve class boundaries when I tried to cancel the party.

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Creative Punishments by the judge

By Y.Muriel


Research shows that the number of criminals in prison has gone up dramatically, so maybe the authorities should look for creative punishments such as those of judge Michael Cicconetti. The way I see it, the approach of punishment needs to be re-examined to be sustainable in the future.

In the first place, it is very expensive to look after criminals in prison, so criminals who have broken the law by commiting less serious crimes should not be put in prison but they have to be punish by means of fines, community services or drug rehabilitation, which cost considerably less. What’s is more, people who do community service have lower reoffending rates than  those released from short prison sentences.

Another major reason is there has been an important rise in crime rates in recent years so prisons are currently crowded. And above all else, prisons sentences do not allow criminals to integrate into society because prisoners live with the worst people.

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What would you have done if you had had a second chance?


By Y.Muriel

I really wish I had been able to create a reference book for internet users like Wikipedia which is a blend of wiki and encyclopaedia. If I have studied computer science, I would have become a creator of websites, and I have been able to bring an innovate wiki that was written by its readers rather than by a publishing company.

Wikipedia was created in 2001 by a non-profit organization. The idea was that people familiar with a particular topic added their knowledge to an entry. Furthermore, it has been able to build an extensive information source from readers. So when I was studying at University, I started to use more Wikipedia than traditional sources.

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L e    e – C o m t e   d e   M o n t e – C r i s t o



Bonjour à tous. Je suis  Y.Muriel. J’ai osé prendre enfin la plume pour y déposer mes mots, mes maux et mes joies.  L’écriture est un exutoire, la recherche de l’expression de l’ineffable, la beauté majestueuse de son introspection mais aussi l’ouverture à la vie. Comme une belle peinture, l’écrit peut nous offrir des frissons, des larmes mais aussi nous rassasier et nous rendre en joie pour la journée. L’exercice d’écriture est un exercice difficile, mais qui ne peut nous faire qu’évoluer dans nos propres vies.

Pour cette première prise de parole à WeLovewords, je vous propose le thème de “Le e-comte de Monte Cristo”.


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