What would you have done if you had had a second chance?


By Y.Muriel

I really wish I had been able to create a reference book for internet users like Wikipedia which is a blend of wiki and encyclopaedia. If I have studied computer science, I would have become a creator of websites, and I have been able to bring an innovate wiki that was written by its readers rather than by a publishing company.

Wikipedia was created in 2001 by a non-profit organization. The idea was that people familiar with a particular topic added their knowledge to an entry. Furthermore, it has been able to build an extensive information source from the readers. So when I was studying at University, I started to use more Wikipedia than traditional sources.

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A reindeer on a tram? What’s so strange about that?

By Y.Muriel


I can see an old woman knitting and a reindeer, on local train. I reckon they must be travelling to a Christmas party to show the reindeer to the kids. They must be going from New York to Boston along the coast. It must be winter because the woman is wearing a winter coat. Probably, it might be snowing outside. So the woman might be knitting an argyle sweater with a red and green diamond pattern for the reindeer. Maybe, she might have saved the reindeer from some hunters, so this deer may have become her pet because it seems to be comfortable next to her.




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Gender equality

I explain this article in the online voice record:



One day in 1975, the women of Iceland stopped work and refused to do the housework because they wanted men respected their work, and equal wage.

In 2018, Iceland was the first country in the world where the companies have to prove gender equality. So Iceland is called the best place in the world for the woman.

There are a lot of female managers in Iceland who don’t give up their work to have children. In 1980, Iceland had a female president of the country that was the first female president in Europe at once. She says the “” was the beginning for women’s equal rights. One of the consequence was she was president.

However, after her, Iceland didn’t have another female president and the parliament losed woman and unequal rights still is.

Nowadays, the grown woman of Iceland do not want to wait for equal pay at work. Perhaps, the Iceland’s new law allows this gender equality.

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Giving a Business presentation: Green Kitchen

By Y.Muriel

I explain this Business presentation of a new business Green Kitchen in this web record voice:



Good morning, everyone,

Welcome to our annual entrepreneurship conference.

First, let me introduce myself. I am Yolanda from Green kitchen.

Let me start by giving some background information. As you’re away, millions of tons of food are thrown away in Spain every year. It’s a scandal to waste this food when so many people in the country are angry. So my new business wants to raise awareness about this unfairness.

I would like to introduce you to Green Kitchen, an original new restaurant which uses discarded food from supermarkets and restaurant rubbish bins. This restaurant will be located in a cool neighbourhood in Barcelona where it is the first of this type.

We think that Green Kitchen will be a hit with a wide range of customers, in particular business people, hipsters, homeless and unemployed.

What makes different our restaurant is that we will offer a menu always different, depending on what kind of food we get on farms, supermarkets skips and outside restaurants, which has passed the sell-by date but it is safe to eat. We have to remember that we put the food into a fridge straightaway so there isn’t a chance of food poisoning.

Turning our attention now to the low prices of the restaurant, I would like to illustrate this point by showing you a chart of the prices of others restaurants in the same neighbourhood.

In conclusion, I think I have a fun idea of restaurant where we create meals with food taken from rubbish bins. So people will enjoy this sustainable experience because they will save money.






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Oferta treball-Arquitecte superior Ajuntament de Barcelona

L’Ajuntament de Barcelona, publica ofertes de treball per el perfil professional d’Arquitectes. La última convocatòria està a La web:


Music and beauty in Tuscany, a winning duo




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