Creadores de futuro – BLADE RUNNER

Por Y. Muriel

Douglas Trumbull y Richard Yuricich  fundaron la empresa Entertainment Effects Group (EEG), que desarrolló los efectos especiales de la película de culto BLADE RUNNER.  Trumbull, junto con Yuricich y Dryer diseñaron el mundo del futuro que se muestra en la película.


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Should higher salaries be limited?

By Y.Muriel


In many enterprises, a big number of employees get paid a low wage while a small number of managers earn a high salary.

Some people believe that the high remuneration package of executives, on average 400 times the salary of a blue-collar worker, reduce significantly the profits of the company. More importantly, this management are paid more than their worth. What’s worse, some fat cats bosses can be entitled to large amounts of remuneration even when they are doing badly. Thus, the government should limit this high salaries.

Another people think that this high working conditions are right because this executives have a high responsibility on his work. Consequently, this employees receive a compensation in a way of remuneration package that may include share options, stock options or performance-related bonus. What’s more, they can have a severance package if they are forced to leave the organization.

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A project to help homeless people

By Y.Muriel


As far I’m concerned, I would rather spend the money on homeless help, as there is a big issue in our city because many people had been pushed out of their houses, so they are sleeping on the streets. Unfortunately, nowadays we let homeless people alone and this situation makes me angry. We’d better solve the problem instead let them struggle.



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The phones we love too much

Summary and opinion By Y.Muriel in this web voice record:

Text By Y.Muriel

The article “The phones we love too much”, written by Lesley Alderman, deals with the issue of mobile phones interferences in our lives, showing that these devices  interruptions have negative effects in love relationships.

We are so dependent on our phones like a relationship that we always carry them with us and we are constantly checking them.

And we are passionately attached to them because they find us useful information, they keep us amused and they allows us to communicate with other people, so we don’t stay alone.

However, phone love can go overboard so it can tamper with the face-to-face human love.

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17 ways technology will change our lives by 2050

 You can read this article in this website in order to have more information (click the folow link):

Article: “17 ways technology will change our lives by 2050”

There are new forms of tecnology are bound to change our lives.

Scroll down the cursor to see the summary predictions about the future.

  1. By 2018, drones start making deliveries like packages  to hospitals.

  2. A hyperloop will transport people between two cities.

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What would it be like if people didn’t complain?

The people complain about the weather,  a signs, the parquing meters, people trying to stop people in the street and answer questions…

Mostly what people do on Facebook is complain.

The day chosen  for not complaining is the Tuesday August 12.

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