The worst break holiday

By Y.Muriel

 Mrs. Willa Norris
Cheap Holidays Now
71 Lambert Road

Dear Mrs. Norris

I am writing to express my strong dissatisfaction with our family holiday in Vistamar resort that I booked through your online company.

What we expected was an accommodation in a modern four-star hotel by the sea that includes design furniture and bright colours, and extra comforts like Wi-Fi access and television. Not only the hotel was 15 miles from the sea, but also the stylish look of the building was old-fashioned with dusty carpets.

On arrival to the city, there not was waiting a private taxi to transfer us from the airport to the hotel. In addition to this, the room was dirty and the shower was broken. To make matters even worse, the room not was those we had ordered because there not was a queen-size bed,   Wi-Fi access and sea-views. Leer más de esta entrada



I explain this text in:

By Y.Muriel

This is my husband Servando. He is in his forties but he looks like very young. He is very tall and handsome. He has short blonde hair and blue eyes. He comes from Spain but he look like German.

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Have you ever been to A&E?

By Y.Muriel

On Saturday morning, I was walking to the bakery with my mother, when I didn’t know why, I stepped off the curb without looking. Immediately, I was knocked down by a car whose driver drove away. My mother was shocked. What a nightmare! She didn’t believe what was happening.

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Oferta treball-Arquitecte superior Ajuntament de Barcelona

L’Ajuntament de Barcelona, publica ofertes de treball per Arquitectes. La última convocatòria està a La web:


L e    e – C o m t e   d e   M o n t e – C r i s t o


Bonjour à tous. Je suis  Y.Muriel. J’ai osé prendre enfin la plume pour y déposer mes mots, mes maux et mes joies.  L’écriture est un exutoire, la recherche de l’expression de l’ineffable, la beauté majestueuse de son introspection mais aussi l’ouverture à la vie. Comme une belle peinture, l’écrit peut nous offrir des frissons, des larmes mais aussi nous rassasier et nous rendre en joie pour la journée. L’exercice d’écriture est un exercice difficile, mais qui ne peut nous faire qu’évoluer dans nos propres vies.

Pour cette première prise de parole à WeLovewords, je vous propose le thème de “Le e-comte de Monte Cristo”.


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REVIT ARCHITECTURE (338) – DYNAMO (20)- Bumblebee (plugin para Excel)

En la siguiente página web encontraréis Bumblebee un plugin que permite la interoperabilidad entre Excel y Dynamo de forma que Dynamo puede leer tablas excel y realizar tablas excel.

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