I live in a Eco-house

I describe my Eco-house. You can hear the audio file in Vocaroo (Web site for voice recording):



I live in a two-storey detached house in Barcelona. I live in a lively neighbourhood, in the south of the city. There’re lots of restaurants, cafés and places to go. It’s convenient for getting to work but it’s a bit noisy because there’s a restaurant just around the corner.

My house has two big bedrooms, a living room with a dining area, a large kitchen, two bathrooms and a utility room. It’s an eco-house that uses water collected from the roof and heated by solar energy. Our living room is quite big and comfortable. It’s furnished with a comfy sofa, two new armchairs and a small coffee table in the center of the room. It’s the coziest and the lightest room. There’re large glass doors and I love the breathtaking views that lead into the back garden. It doesn’t have a garage and although there’s usually no problem with parking I’d love to have one. Also I’d like to have a control panel that close  the shutters automatically when it’s hot outside.


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