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The Save Soho campaign began in 2014 when one of the area’s ninght-clubs, Madame Jojo’s, closed. Last year the club reopened, but the Save Soho campaign goes on, and certainly getting plenty of media attention.

This campaign start because the colourful character of Soho could be under threat  from property development  and gentrification.

Soho is the area of Central London that lies to the south of Oxford Street, to the east of Regent Street, to the north of Leicester Square and to the west of Charing Cross Road. It only covers one square mile, but it’s a very colourful square mile. Here you will find jazz clubs like Ronnie Scott’s, cafés like Bar Italia, as well as  artists, musicians, GL-BTQ people , film companies and strip joints .

For anybody who feels a bit different, that doesn’t belong, a sense of not being able to belong somewhere, or not being welcome somewhere, Soho has always been a destination. And I think, obviously, the Huguenots, the refugees, the French revolutionaries, later on, you know, the Italian community and then, much more recently, the gay community. It’s an endless sort of turning over of people that I don’t know if it’s…maybe it’s in our DNA now because it’s happened for so long, but there’s a “It’s OK, we can go to Soho, they’ll accept us, it will be OK there.”

Soho has always been a place that’s a sort of overlooked  the rules and regulations, not to the detriment  or danger of anybody, but with a sort of friendly, knowing tolerance for people. I don’t mean criminals, I mean, there are certain places, if you run down  the street with no clothes on that you probably would end up  in the back of a police van; Soho, probably not, probably everybody would applaud because it is like a film set  and it’s the only film set and the only stage  that, as a member of the audience, you get to be part of the cast.

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My Child Holidays

By Y.Muriel

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I used to live in Barcelona when I was a child. My family and I used to spend our holidays in a touristy seaside that the Tourism hadn’t spoilt like the Costa Brava where we used to stay in a hotel.

In the morning we’d set off our journey at 7 o’clock. We’d take a surf lessons every day on the beach  that didn’t use to be overcrowded. We’d stand up on a surfboard and we’d go up the coast to a natural rock. This place was off the beaten track and the views from these rocks were breathtaking. Looking at the sunrise from these rocks was the best part of the day despite the morning cold. Then, at lunch time we’d go back to the coast and we’d eat in a picturesque restaurant next to the beach where we’d sample local food. After that, we always chilled out in our hotel rooms that had a tacky decor. Then, we’d hit the shops and we’d wander round the city. The old part of the town was really lively at the summer.

If only I could have some holidays like that again! I wish I stood up on a surfboard last summer!  Actually, I have my own family and we go every summer to Paris. If only we went to the seaside!

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By Y.Muriel

Not very long ago I was in New York for a few weeks and decided to get a tattoo while I was there. I was living in a neighbourhood that it was a 20-minute subway ride from Manhattan. I was staying in a friend’s single-room apartment larger than the shoeboxes that were available for rent in Manhattan. The end of a relationship made me feel that it was the right time to get a change in my live.

I was walking home next to the Manhattan’s exclusive Upper East Side, when I decided to get a tattoo. It was soon and I had had a short day at work. This morning I had been working for a few hours when my work computer broke. So I went to a tattoo parlour.

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I explain in this online voice record,  the subject matter of the text:

In recent years a great deal of property (mucho inmuebles) has been bought in London by wealthy foreigners  who have no intention of living there. As a result, some of London’s neighborhoods are becoming “ghost  towns”. Local shops and other businesses are suffering. The situation is particularly acute in Earls Court, where the famous Exhibition Centre  was recently demolished to make way for a “residential village” that will have very few residents.

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Astoria – New York


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Video et texte par Y.Muriel.

Remarque: Cette video et le texte c’est l’implication de Barcelona Bim avec le collectif GuiShare, un accélérateur d’idées et de projets dédié à l’émergence de la société collaborative: une société basée sur des principes d’ouverture, de collaboration, de confiance et de partage de la valeur. Car ce sont les projets d’un moyen collaboratif comme est la maquette numérique, c’est à dire, BIM.

( / Tendances et scénarios de services pour de nouvelles urbanités: villes intelligentes, écovilles… (Le Lab QuiSharexChronos. ).

Je souhaite une prochaine rancontre avez vous…

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