Business English- Tips for responding to suggestions

Tips for Responding to suggestions


1. You can be direct if the suggestion is routine.

«Changing the time to 9:00 is fine with me.»

«I agree that we should do this.»

2. You can also be direct if the suggestion is not routine, but you agree with it.

» Adding a price list is a good idea.»

«Thanks for the suggestion.»

3. If the suggestion is not routine and you disagree with it, say something positive first. Then explain why you disagree. The level of indirectness will depend on your relationship with the writer. When in doubt, be more indirect.

 «We received your suggestion for changes in the report, but there´s some information that you may not have seen.»

«Thanks for suggesting that we include a price list on the website. Unfortunalety, prices change so often that this is not possible.»

4. Remember that is never good to use emotional or judgmental language.

 «Thank you for your suggestion.»

NOT: «that suggestion is really stupid. I can´t believe you would even suggest it!»


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