IDEAS EMPRENDEDORAS (21) – Giving a Business presentation: Green Kitchen

Good morning, everyone,

Welcome to our annual entrepreneurship conference.

First, let me introduce myself. I am Sara from Green kitchen.

Let me start by giving some background information. As you’re aware, millions of tons of food are thrown away in Spain every year. It’s a scandal to waste this food when so many people in the country are hungry. So my new business wants to raise awareness about this unfairness.

I would like to introduce you to Green Kitchen, an original new restaurant which uses discarded food from supermarkets and restaurant rubbish bins. This restaurant will be located in a cool neighbourhood in Barcelona ,where it is the first of this type.

We think that Green Kitchen will be a hit with a wide range of customers, in particular business people, hipsters, homeless and unemployed.

What makes special our restaurant is that we will offer a menu always different, depending on what kind of food we get on farms, supermarkets skips and outside restaurants, which was passed the sell-by date but it is safe to eat. We have to remember that we put the food into a fridge straightaway so there isn’t a chance of food poisoning.

Turning our attention now to the low prices of the restaurant, I would like to illustrate this point by showing you a chart of the prices of other restaurants in the same neighbourhood.

In conclusion, I think I have a fun idea of restaurant where we create meals with food taken from rubbish bins. So, people will enjoy this sustainable experience because they will save money.


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