Are biofuels really green?

According to research made in 2008, U.S. were one of the major producers of ethanol, which is a biofuel, that it seems to us help the environment. In the same way, Brazil uses ethanol from sugar cane. However, the replacement of gasoline by biofuels such as this maybe could not reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.
Uncovered information brought by researchers demonstrate that carbon emissions calculates through the Kyoto Protocol were wrong. Unlucky, when ethanol burn it releases CO2. Nevertheless, biofuels such as ethanol are been thought as a 100% carbon neutral.

Therefore, biofuels will reduce greenhouse-gas emissions if the use of them is been linked to raise existing plant trees, which reduces carbon from the atmosphere in a natural way. In fact, the plantation of palms to make biodiesel replace old forest. Actually, the carbon loss for this action does not is been counted.


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