Wall Street. Money never sleeps – Is greed good? Character is the ability to stare into the abyss and not go in.

Research has put thrifts on the recommended. What? Dump  it for chrissake!

The main thing about money, Bud… it makes you do things you don’t want to do.

Greed is good.

Man look in the abyss, there’s nothing staring back at him. At that moment man find his character. And this is what keeps him out of the abyss.

When Oliver Stone was young, in Wall Street was not so much light in the buildings. They were very dark spaces with smaller offices and cubbyholes. The shadows would come up at two o’clock in the afternoon. There was a depressing and austere place to work.
A lot of directors get the Oscar and don’t go to work for a while, because they know it is impossible to get the same circumstances again. But Oliver Stone didn’t want to get hung up in inertia. So he plunged right in the new film Money never sleeps, in a way that the next month he was planning the film.
In this film, Oliver Stone wants to go to his roots in New York, after Vietnam, and explore the new Wall Street. It was one of his films about America, and he have to find out about America. Firstly, New York was his roots, and his house. Secondly, his dad worked in Wall Street as a trader. He remembers his dad integrity, as he stood for a world that you don’t see today. At the time, Principles were applied although there were crooks all the time. He is not saying that all crooks happened in the eighties of Wall Street, but there were values. People as his father thought that Good things sometimes take time.
So the film is based on the phenomenon of white-collar crime emerging in the mid-eighties in the market of Wall Street. But he 89-90 will be the end of that whole movement. The bottom fell out for a while.

When are you gonna realise it’s the big game hunters who bag elephants, not guys like us?

The jerk  reneged on me. I gotta to cover his losses to the tune of  seven grand. I’m tapped out  by betting.

Wall Street people let Oliver shoot on the New York Stock Exchange. Oliver asked them to stage a hectic scene, and those gays were really hams but it was great.
The film is about to challenge the evil when it appears. You might get your ass kicked, but all good things cost you something. A good value is not to measure a man’s success by the size of his wallet.
In the new economy of the eighties, companies that do not have knowledge of that business, buy business just to buy them, in order to become conglomerates that sell more stock to the public becoming even bigger. It is like a pyramid scheme for companies, but they do not know what they are doing. People are buying my stocks, I’m getting bigger. So I am going to buy more companies. Then, you sell out before it is too late or you let it explode and get caught in the explosion. That happened and many people lost their jobs, their security and their sense of commitment. It is a pyramid scheme that never could be allowed. The SEC (https://www.sec.gov/ US SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION) really should pay attention.

Just enough to block anybody else’s merger plans and find out if the books are cooked.

Dilute  by issuing more shares in a company without increasing the values of its assets. Reduce the son of a bitch.

Rip their throats out. Stuff them in your garbage  compactor.

That’s no bad for a quant, but that’s a dog with different fleas.

No one’s gonna blow the whistle on you.

I don’t throw darts on a board.  I bet on sure things.

Rich enough not to waste time.

Why does a company that has nothing to do with another company have a right to buy it? Just because of money? We do not think so.
We should to have character. Character is the ability, as Holbrook said in the film, to stare into the abyss and not go in. If you want to live an honest life, it is going to cost you something. And the more honest you are, the more expensive it becomes. And that is the film Wall Street is about too: how much is it going cost you?
We do not see that those buildings cast a shadow on a lot of people that are freezing. We live so quickly we do not see the casualties around us. We do not see hitchhikers, or people sleeping and living on the roadside in their vehicles. That is why all of us have to come to grips with: how much is my own personal desire and my greed worth? Is it worth the lives of other people, including my own life? How much is it worth? We do not have to sell our soul.
But we are in a society where the good value is people like Gekko. That is why the film resonates at the time and even today. The corruption is in our industries and companies. Because those values Gekko is a hero, although is the opposite. Indeed, the long term wins and the short term loses. In other words, quick-buck traders come and go with every bull market but he steady players make it through the bear markets.
I think we can finish with the dialogue between Bud and his father, that summarize the main  idea of the film:
“I don’t get it, kid. You borrow money to go to NYU. First year out, you make 35 grand. You made 50 grands last year, and you can’t pay off your loans.  Where does it go?
Dad, 50 grands does not get you to first base in the Big Apple. I got 40% in taxes, 15 grand for rent. Also  I got school loans, car loans, food – that’s three bills a month. I need suits.
Come back home and live rent-free instead of that roach-infected place. 50,000 $ Jesus Christ! The whole world’s off its rocker.
I gotta to be in Manhattan to be a player. There is no nobility in poverty any more, dad.»
The wisdom of Lou.
Too much cheap money sloshing around the world.
Stick to the fundamentals. That is how IBM was built. Good things sometimes take time.
Remember that there are not short cuts (…) Quick-buck traders come and go with every bull market but he steady players make it through the bear markets.
Man look in the abyss, there’s nothing staring back at him. At that moment man find his character. And this is what keeps him out of the abyss.
This is the kid. Calls me 59 days in a row . Ought to be  in the dictionary under “persistence”.

This turkey  is totally braindead .

Lunch is for wimps.

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You wouldn’t be sitting around chinwagging.

You wanna be in your sixties still pitching?

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