Business English 4.- Non-routine requests (I)

Non-routine requests

1.1.        Tone and language choice in writing request:


Writing routine request:

When writing routine requests, state the request directly, but politely. Use phrases these:


–       please send me information about…

–       I´d like to receive information about…

–       I am writing to request information about…

Less direct:

–       Could you tell me how much…

–       I would appreciate receiving a price list.

Writing Non-Routine requests:

When writing non-routine requests, state the request indirectly. Could, would, do you think you could, and I would appreciate it if are “distancers” or “softeners”. They make the request more indirect. The harder the favor is to ask, the more indirect it should be.

Les direct:

–       Would it be possible to…

–       Could you please…

–       Do you think you could (possibly)…

–       Would you mind sending me another…

–       I would appreciate your help with…

–       We were wondering if you would mind sending…

–       I would appreciate it if you would/could send this as soon as possible.

–       I´m writing to ask you a favor. Do you think you could…

–       If you could share this information with us, we would really appreciate it.

Closing sentences in Non-routine requests

The last sentences in non-routine requests express appreciation or thanks.

–       Thank you very much.

–       Thank you very much for your help.

–       Thank you for your assistance with this request.

–       I appreciate your help/assistance with this.

I sincerely/really (informal) appreciate your help

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