Business English 5.- Non-routine requests (II)

1.1.        Use of nouns, gerunds, and if clauses

Some of the expressions used in requests and thanks are followed by specific word forms.


Appreciate and thank you for are followed by a noun or a gerund (verb + ing).

Examples thanks:

–       I appreciate your help. (noun)

–       Thank you for your help. (noun)

–       I appreciate your helping me. (gerund)

–       Thank you for helping me. (gerund)

Appreciate it in a request is followed by an if clause with would or could.

Would you mind is followed by a gerund (verb + ing) or by and if clause.

Would it be possible is followed by an infinitive (to + verb).

Examples requests:

–       I would appreciate your help with this.

–       I would appreciate your sending me the information as soon as possible.

–       We would appreciate it if you would bill us in 60 days. (if clause)

–       I would appreciate it if you could send this as soon as possible. (if clause)

–       Would you mind e-mailing me when you ship the order? (gerund)

–       Would you mind if I gave your name to my colleague? (if clause)

–       Would it be possible to start a week late? (infinitive)

–       Would it be possible for you to send me…? (infinitive with a subject)

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