Business English 9.- Complaints (II). The language of complaints

The language of complaints
It´s not possible to predict specific complaints, but here are some expressions generally used to describe problems with products or services.
One part was missing/broken /damaged.
It is defective.
Our order was incomplete.
This is unacceptable/ unsatisfactory.
We are disappointed that this happened.
I was very disappointed that this happened.
The unit is too large/ small for our needs.
The quality is very poor.
This is unacceptable/ not acceptable.
The invoice/ bill/ information is incorrect/ wrong.

We placed/ made/ cancelled the order on May 10.
I purchased/ bought/ ordered a box of staplers.
It arrived/ got here/ was delivered too late to be of any use to us.
Our order did not arrive until today.
It was supposed to include directions.
It does not fit/ work.
It fell apart/ broke after only two uses.
We have had problems with the part.
I am returning the enclosed sweater because it is the wrong color/ size.
We were billed for the wrong item.
We were billed too much.

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