Business English 11.-Gramática clave (II)

Pronombres Posesivos. Práctica.

This room doesn’t belong to Maria and Michael: It isn’t theirs.

It belongs to both of them: It’s theirs.

All the dinner plates belonged to my grandfather: All fo them were his.

That car belongs to my mother: It’s hers.

The puppies belonged to me: They were mine.

This refrigerator belongs to us: It’s ours.

Diálogo. En el restaurante. Práctica

I phoned a week ago to book a table.

What’s the name?


Will you be all right here by the open window?

That’s fine. It’ s too warm to be near the fireplace.

Let me take your coats.


Can I take your order?

We haven’t chosen yet.

What’s today’s special?

It’s sirloin, with a home-made asparagus sauce. (Hay solomillo con salsa de espárragos de la casa)

Do you have any boiled potatoes, or just chips?

You can have either, if you want.

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