Business English 12.- Vocabulario

Las competencias ligüísticas son una pieza clave del escenario actual y futuro del mercado laboral.

Práctica. Vocabulario Clave. A la hora de comer.

You have invited some friends to go to a restaurant to celebrate your brirthday. You arrive at the restaurant.

Possible answers:

a) I phoned a few days ago to book a table.

b) I reserved a table this morning.

c) Could we have a table, please?

What’s the name, please?

Yes, please come this way. Will you be all right here by the window?

Possible answers:

a) That’s fine, with the nice view.

b) We would have liked to be near the fireplace.

c) Yes, I think so.

Can I take your order?

Possible answers:

a) We haven’t chosen yet. Wat’s today’s special?

b) I think we’ll have your shrimp cocktail as a starter.

c) What’s today’s soup?

What will you have as a main course? Do you prefer meat o fish?

What about some grilled salmon with capers, or turbot «en papillote»? It’s turbot cooked in white wine and served with creamy tomato sauce.

Possible answers:

a) That’s exactly what I had yesterday.

b) No, I’ll have rib steak , with chips.

c) You even have «exotic scampi» , and trout!

Would you like to have a salad with this? We have mixed or plain salads. Chef’s salad comes with lettuce, spring onions, green and red peppers, cucumber and tomatoes. There’s also an avocado, apple or nut salad.

Possible answers:

a) Oh, that’ll be enough.

b) Plain salad with lettuce and oil and vinegar dressing.

c) Is there any garlic in the avocado salad?

You have now all chosen your starters and main courses. The wine waiter comes and ask is you have also chosen the wine. (Ojo! Also va delante del verbo excepto en el caso que el verbo sea «To be»).

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