Business English – Effective e-mails messages. Working things out!

Working things out.

Effective e-mail messages

 Tone and language choice in writing e-mails messages.


  1. E-mail is a quick way to communicate, but do not hurry when you write e-mail. Take time to think about what you say. Be sure that your words and tone will not be misunderstood.
  2. Be specific. Be sure your reader knows what you are talking about.
  3. Do not use emotional language. Avoid negative or angry language. If possible, keep opinions general. Try not to blame one person for a whole problem.
  4. Remember that e-mail is more than just words. It is a way to build a relationship with the reader.



Just finished our meeting and I´m very angry at how Antonia and Maria  take over the whole meeting. I get so mad about the way they talk all the time when we´re discussing things. Can´t  they ever shut up? No one else can get a word in and it´s A COMPLETE WASTE OF OUR TIME TO LISTEN TO THEM!


This is much better:


After our meeting, I realized that we didn´t get a chance to hear from everyone about our new customer service plans. Is there any way we could get more input from all our staff members? One or two people seem to take over discussions. I don´t know what the solution is, but I think  it’s worth talking about.


      5. It is always a good idea to end an e-mail on a positive note. People often end with a closing sentence.

Thank you

I look forward to hearing from you

I look forward to getting your response.

See you next week. (informal)

        6. As a general rule, do not use emoticons. Emoticons such as:) illustrate your feelings. They are very informal and are not appropriate in business. Occasionally, however, a “smiley face” may be useful. It can show that your message is good – natured, not unkind.

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