Did I ever tell you about the time I created my own app? Here’s a good story to shown why you shouldn’t stop making things and, why not? You can make your own app.

This was around the time I was living in Barcelona and I used to take the Barcelona underground when I commuted to work. You won’t believe it, but I had to take three lines so I spent travelling more than one hour every day. It was far too much time. What a nightmare!

And because of that, I decided I’d better built my own iPhone Apple app as I needed to change some trains as quickly as possible.

On the first day of my travel with the app, I got to work at 7 am. My boss called me the day before because of a meeting that I had to attend with japan costumers that day at 8.00 am in the head office. Then I logged onto my app account to travel in the underground. It was perfect because I knew what was the best train’s carriage to sit in, in every station. Not only that, I knew which was the best door to sit near to get off one line and run to the other.

picture  : the station master app

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Can you imagine my surprise when I realized that I had reached the latest station and I had taken twenty minutes in all the travel? Funnily enough, the app worked very well this first time so I cut walking times between some train’s platforms.

After I got out of the latest underground station. The app told me what was the nearest lift of this station so I went up to the street. Can you imagine it? By 7.25 am I was in the office.

In the end, I had half hour before the meeting so I dashed out to buy some biscuits for the costumers and I came back to the office. When my boss knew what happened he was very happy. I was quite pleased with myself too.

Anyway, it turned out well in the end but believe me, you’ll have to find the time and the energy to do so!

By Y.Muriel

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