002B House by Revit – BIM


The strategic goals of the project are:

Firstly, how to capture a view over the roofline of the neighbouring house that stands one level lower. Secondly parameter focuses on security because the house is located at the edge of the residential area. Thirdly, the home needs a degree of spatial flexibility to have the possibility of a future area if the client opens a shop.

The outcome of these conditions lifts the house a level up, off the ground.

The slab and roof are a single continuous plate. This solution allows completing the future extension. Spandrel walls shift in height according to the thickness of the slab.

ext 01 def

A main opening at the heart of the house catches the breeze that passes through the structure’s slender stilts and transfers it up into the raised house.

Due to the elongated shape and the raised structure, the ground-level garden provides an open and bright landscape and adds a new park to the neighbourhood.

The floor has rounded edges that introduce a sinuous void, a dynamic, fluid inside space that makes some movement in the floor.  Is an interpretation of the classic railroad style home where each room leads into the next.

ext 02 def

Wraparound glazing of both sides of the interior follow the curving floor and produces a spectacular 360º panoramic see. So this enthralling house is a lookout point of the city. Flooded with daylight the continuous windows of the exterior façade allows to the people the luxury of tracking the course of the sun throughout the day.

The columns became like a silver legs that support the house.

ext 03 def

The highest point of the house is a rooftop terrace that faces onto the street. A cozy living room resides next to the access.

A humble refuge in the public domain bring privates needs with social connection through a exuberant and uplifting architectural expression.

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