IDEAS EMPRENDEDORAS (46)- Compact living houses

Big cities are short of space and  houses are very expesive. Unfortunately, for some people having a compact house can be the difference between having a house  or not.

A source of inspiration to design a compact house can be the houses of the people called the Dolgan who live in northern Russia. It’s absolutely freezing there so a small living space is very useful.

The Dolgan houses shape is  a cube. These houses are extremely basic with a single room with two or three beds, a table and a stove. They are constructed from wooden frames and reindeer skins which are a great insulator, and sit on sled runners.  These house can be pulled along by reindeers.

When the Dolgan need to move their reindeers to find new places to feed them, they can  move their houses.

A young Dolgan boy stands outside his family's balok
A young Dolgan boy stands outside his family’s balok (wooden hut built on sled runners)on the tundra.  

dolgan 2

The Dolgan Houses

transport house

The house pulled by the reindeers


Northern Siberia, Russia

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