Open Pitch Day for Women in Business & Technology, by FemPeak, Saturday, March 27, 2021

Saturday, March 27, 2021, I have attended the event Open Pitch Day for Women in Business & Technology, by FemPeak I have given my elevator pitch about what is BARCELONA BIM, meeting tech people who have too given their elevator pitch about their companies, projects or start-ups. An amazing experience, I sure you. Thank you so much to Somi Arian to give me the chance to be there.
So it seems to me that it is the right moment to summarize some ideas that had been said in different meetings about technology which are not hard to grasp the appeal of them. I mean, I think these arguments can help foster the right use of technology if we know them:
Yonah Welker. Tech Explorer, Mentor, Tech Startup Founder & Yonah Found.  LinkedIn:
I would like to highlight some ideas he have said:
  • The emotions I am looking for today are not images but resources or data which I can read and consume. So we need different technologies to provide different experiences such as virtual reality.
  • There are people who define the product with technology, but who defines the meaning behind these products? This meaning is knowledge. So we have so amazing technology but we lack knowledge. Not to mention, we have not the foundation of knowledge. Despite we are in a moment where we have a lot of information, we lack knowledge. The problem is not about algorithms used in technology as it is about knowledge. For instance, one of the best start-ups is a result of technology transfer in universities such as Oxford or Cambridge.
  • Technology should focus on social progress to be useful.
  • The change of mindset towards decentralization which is yet understood for some universities like the MIT which have open source knowledge used for people who do not have the financial resources to study in these universities. These universities understand that these people can be future entrepreneurs who will set up a start-up or change the world in another way. Meanwhile, the companies are close to this change of mindset.
Somi Arian. Tech-philosopher, filmmaker, entrepreneur.
I would like to highlight some ideas she have said:
  • There are people who want to do something in the world, to focus their energy on changing the world, some times more than bringing up a family, although society does not encourage that. Because of the algorithm of Facebook or Instagram only works to improve clickbait, people are spending their time doing things that are not close to build a better future. For instance, we do not see in social media images about women setting up a business, innovation, or the best solution they have come up with.
    It is needed a new wave of social media that do this with a different form of interaction. A good example of this, although is no considered social media, is Wikipedia. Now, it seems to be a fairly universal truth that you easily find in Wikipedia what you are looking for. Partly, this is down to the fact is very easy to understand, and on top of that, it does not hack your brain.
    But when you go to social media, you get engrossed on account of your eyes are on a lot of places. In spite of is designed to hack your brain, you should be enough clever to said that you do not want to waste your time being drag into a black hole. At the same time, surely the most evangelical would claim that social media comes with no strings.
    The interactions in social media have to be driven more ethically being products which not get people hooked getting them to stay there. Whichever way you look at social media, the effects are not great.
  • People have to educate themselves. They have to spend time educating themselves. It is more than having a cv or certificate in a wealthy school. Is about providing an environment you could be potentially more valuable learning what you need to achieve your goals. You should be self-driven person in finding the way to do this.


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