What we should do to move into the real digital transition in construction world? That was the question I made in the article DRAWING LESSONS FROM THE DIGITAL WORK IN CONSTRUCTION WORLD (0) Intoduction and purpose .So with the aim to find answers, we have set up a study where we will sound out members who have digital work which be subjected to a thorough examination. They will be interviewed posting the result in this web site. Moreover, we constantly will update this information to keep things fresh about digital work in construction world.
Today I interview René Pinnell. CEO & Founder at Kaleidoscope.
Linkedin profile:     https://www.linkedin.com/in/rjpinnell/
Linkedin company:  https://www.linkedin.com/company/kaleidoscope-vr/
He will explain his last project which is ARTIZEN http://www.artizen.fund/  in this interview:
We highlight the main ideas that René has told about:
  • Artizen is a community organization with the aim to help artist raise money. And how it is do, is that the community run grants. We built some software that allows anyone to create a grant that supports the artist and their community. So whether you are a filmmaker, a painter, working in theatre, working in Virtual Reality, we empower communities to create grants. People support the grant financially and also people contribute to curate the awards. The grant supporters get a voice and you select who wins the project. It is a very easy way to fund grants that support artists.
  • Is an open source project that anyone can download and use it. And this idea can be applied beyond Virtual Reality grant, we can see a community doing grants for scientist research, local projects that can benefit your neighbourhood. Open source software is the way to go because it engages the community. Everyone who wants to create a community fund from scratch, just they can code creating this community fund. Although is easier from Artizen website.
  • Virtual reality is powerful and is a new industry so you have the opportunity to change how the business is done because it is new. It is open to new ways to do things. And VR are becoming the new form of entertainment. The immersive media is destined to become the dominant form as media is consumed.
  • People who create grants can specify whether or not is open for everyone in the community to vote or just for border directors. For instance, some festivals in the platform wanted that board directors do most of the curation. So as community member you can vote on who wins the award but your voting power is very limited as you have three votes out of month while as the board each member has twenty votes. So you not are able to make the decision who wins. Other grants are open to different levels of people supporting the grants and different levels voting. Right now more grants have four different supporters that start a third free level up to end level of hundred dollars a month and the sponsor level. And in addition to different levels, you get a different upvotes out of month so you get different amount of say, you get a voice in who wins the grand but everyone does not have the same voice. And what we try to do is to balance the curation between the people who are running the grants and the community. So at the end of each grand, the project that has more upvotes is the projects that winds that fund.
And finally, we should not to forgotten Innovation, social business and be sustainable.
How to Spark Innovation? Always Observe, Break conservative Thinking, Cultivate Empathy, and Celebrate Small Wins.
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