Extension of the building information model to the life cycle phases

A first extension is the integration of life cycle analysis and life cycle costing programs into the existing data model. The integration of cost planning and other applications, such as energy requirement, into the model prove problematical. There are already suitable applications in Australia (LCA-Design,

Work on linking life cycle analysis, life cycle costing and CAD software over the IFC interface is already under way. It must be appreciated that the calculation of the service life of the structure is limited to the state of the description of the building at the design stage. It the various life cycle phases are really to be considered within the building model, then there must be a particular description for each phase (example “building as designed” or “building as built”). This would also mean that the building as a whole “ages” to a certain extent. Furthermore such a model must also take into account the material flows. In particular the upstream and downstream steps.

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