THE JUST SOCIETY OF INTERNET (3) Citizens are more powerful in a digital era

The  website which had published the truth came under cyberattack and kept falling offline.  In response, Website supporters began to mirror the site on over 1000 servers around the globe. It was impossible to remove the Website from the Internet.



The Internet in a digital era lets governments get more information and more power, and more communication than they’re ever had before. But, it lets citizens do the same. Governments are more powerful and more vulnerable at exactly the same time.

The fight on our hands is who gets to control the Internet, who gets the control information.

In response to the financial blockade on the Website, a collective anonymous launched cyber-attacks, taking down the websites of VISA, Mastercard and Paypal.

The question becomes, does it matter and what changes?

I think that something has started. It’s going to be about transparency and accountability  and keeping power in check, keeping governments responsible, and who cares who does it as long as someone does.

Architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) has not changed after economic crisis which has not been the raison for change. Internet can be the means to show how AEC really worked and works, leaving an old school to die and making emerge a new school that feeds on technology and its transparency.

A perfect storm.

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