Coronavirus street art

Colourful murals are popping up across cities such as a platform of expression while the pandemic have closed museums and galleries down. They are street artists who have a coping strategy to deal with covid-19. Let’s see what’s going on.

Dakar, Senegal

Photograph: Zohra Bensemra/Reuters


There are two graffiti artists and one painter artist, who are drawing paintings on a fence wall. All three men are wearing dark clothes and only one of them, have a face mask and gloves.

In my view, I think the artists with those three drawings want to raise awareness about hygienic measures including hygiene steps from washing our hands with soap, wearing face mask to using alcohol disinfectants. What is more, those drawing encourage people to protect themselves so it’s very important that all people play a part in this issue and do their bit.

I can’t really put mi finger on why I liked this picture. Perhaps, it is just the way this example proves that artists have found this way to fight against the coronavirus using their sprays. Maybe, we can infer from those people that there are hidden heroes that we should support too, because they are teaching with their work hygienic measures which are needed to curb the spread of coronavirus.


Los Angeles, US

Photograph: Étienne Laurent/EPA


In the foreground of the picture appears a masked man without T-shirt jogging in the street while in the foreground there is a painted mural which shows a couple kissing with colourful face masks. The artwork’s environment is a beach with palms which we can see stands above the wall.

I suspect that the main reason for this painting is that the artist wants to give hope using a graphic symbol of love against the current chaos and destruction happening right now around the world. Maybe, the fact that artists are actively involved in this pandemic is a coping strategy to deal with covid-19. Only by having a say in problems that affects us it is possible to solve them.

Personally, I found this mural very uplifting. I enjoyed this picture because by bringing a positive message to people, the painter is stopping the feeling that we are in time wear, and enabling the opportunity to overtake coronavirus. In other words, this message suggests that trusting in ourselves and taking responsibility for our health issue, no goal is out of reach.


Warsaw, Poland

Photograph: Agencja Gazeta/Reuters

3500. (1)

The picture shows a well-kept neighbourhood where a street artist has created a mural on a party wall. We can see in the foreground the back of anonymous people of our society who are walking with a superhero towards a giant team of healthcare workers who are wearing face masks.

I believe that the artist thinks that those workers who fight everyday against the coronavirus are the real superheroes. Indeed, he wants to pay tribute to those unsung heroes who take care of our lives. In other words, their daily work makes them the biggest heroes.

I came to this thinking that maybe I was going to see some obviously. But actually, I was wrong. We shouldn’t underestimate the essential work of health people who everyday lend a helping hand to us in this emergency situation. Unquestioningly, this example illustrates my feelings towards healthcare people, so I liked to support this mural wall wishing murals like this pop up across cities.


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