BARCELONA BIM has been invited to the event WOMANHACK 25-02-2021, and I summarize the crucial topics I have told about.

The people who attended the event were Apps designer, branding, programmers, software engineers, writers, cybersecurity, gamming…

The technological companies that have attended the event were:

Gtf: visible talent, lovetoknowmedia, omp:programming, bingosoft, wiris: software developer company, XpertAi:digital products

Sponsor room: adevintia, who works to remove the technology’s gap because there is a lack of women in programming, design of apps. They are empowering women in the technological world.

I set out what is BARCELONA BIM  www.barcelonabim.com:

  • BIM. Bim Information Modelling,

  • reseach,

  • BRIAT: Barcelona Research Institute for arts and Technology,


  • Wikibim: A Website which show what is going on in BIM.

  • Architecture and engineering ANDROID MOBILE,

  • Architecture and engineering PROGRAMMING,

  • REALITY CAPTURE: We create the Point cloud and convert this cloud data into a 3D model using Autodesk ReCap;

  • BIM HACKATON: A thought-provoking event where computer-programmers, non-computer-programmers and web experts come together to solve problems using technology.

Moreover, I highlighted and draw attention to the BIM challenges we are facing, and because of this issues, we should set the wheels in motion to future solving strategies:

  • Clients should to set the pace of delivery. A standardised approach to data deliverables on projects would help clients engage with and benefit from BIM. This would include standard organisational information requirements (OIRs) and asset information requirements (AIRs).

  • I also raised the issue of common data environments (CDEs) and greater interoperability of BIM software.

  • Demonstrable benefits. The benefits of BIM and digital construction should be demonstrated more clearly and shared across industry, and also at boardroom and executive level that is need for greater digital understanding and buy-in. How do we measure BIM benefits? It is still difficult to engage people and encourage them to adopt BIM, given the lack of benefits measurement statistics, including potential returns on investment.

  • Better digital skills. The lack of digital skills and, more specifically, information management skills. The digitisation of construction will create new skills to the industry, but these skilla doesn’t appear to have been the case to date. BIM Professionals have varying BIM and digital understanding and skills levels.

  • Accredited certification and training. Linked to lack of industry skills, much existing certification is misleading and consequently unreliable. While some certification schemes seem more appropriate than others, without accreditation, industry professionals using the schemes to improve their BIM capability have no way of knowing if they are fit for purpose.

  • How is BIM changing constructors?. The traditional contractor model could change dramatically as adoption of BIM and Digital technology gathers pace.

Some agreed that the website Barcelona Bim is talking about new ways to do architecture which can pay the way to digitising construction world, and give me some advice. And also some were surprised that I was architect (the only one in the event) and no a programming engineer or so.

letra barcelona registrada R



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