IDEAS EMPRENDEDORAS (55) – 10.000 hours of effort to success with [«#BLINKIST»]

According to the book “Outliers: The Story of Success”, by Malcolm Gladwell, practice is the most crucial cause of success. Indeed, Gladwell argues that you need 10.000 hours of effort to acquire the skills to excel in an activity. So while innate talent can help sometimes, practice is the crucial and stronger cause to achieve excellence in a discipline. The author makes an example saying that the 20-years-old Bill Gates had spent more than 10.000 hours as a programmer. Another example pointed out in the book is Steve Jobs as well as the musician Mozart. But the message is not only for relevant people who have done something new but also for common people.
Being the book widely accepted for the higher thinkers, for those people who believe that if you have talent you can achieve in an inherently way success in life because you are better than your peers, it is recommend that they should read this book.
And there is the following advice for people who want to be an expert in a field. Firstly and foremost, you have to commit to it. Secondly, you should to be a really hard-worker. It goes without saying that this rule applies to entrepreneurs.
So with the aim to help people to spend the time needed to achieve the master in a field, today we would like to cast light on an app which can come in hand to passionate readers. So if you love reading being hungry, eager and passionate about knowledge and if you would became a bibliophile, you may  love the app Blinkist.
The app have blinks which are the summarize of the book with the main arguments getting the essence of the book and figuring out what books are worth purchasing and reading in full. You can listen Blinkist while you are doing other activities such as cleaning the house in a way that the boring tasks take on a new shine. Moreover, it sparks the interest in reading and allows you acquire new skills.
The United Nations has acknowledged Blinkist as a Global Leader in Learning and Education.

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