IDEAS EMPRENDEDORAS (56) – The starry night. Vincent Van Gogh

The starry night is a painting (oil on canvas) of the artist Vincent Van Gogh. 1889. Basically is the depiction of the night. We can see an intensely, turbulent, vibrant, exciting, agitated night sky. The stars are rings of light and the moon is also rings of light.
What is remarkable is that the artist is able to find swirling patterns in the sky seeing that the raison for its status as such a treasure. Indeed, rather than be the night sky in the summer of 1889 when people looked up, it is more the chaotic imagination of the artist projected onto the sky. Moreover, the aim of the artist is to touch our emotions.
So seeing this painting you can learn about original things or new things as well as you can develop a highbrow, intelligent, educated mind. In this case, the message of the artist is a little impenetrable not being easy to find or understand. In other words, is not a transparent reading of the picture. Needless to say that the way the sky is drawn  is primitive as if the artist was a children, not sophisticated.
So with dazzling work of art that you can admire because it is brilliant, you can understand the values of priceless or valuable, peerless or be better than others of the same categories, and skilful or well done.

“I would like to do portraits, which would look like apparitions to people a  century later. So I don’t try to do us by photographic resemblance but by our passionate expressions, using as a means of expression and intensification of  the character our science and modern taste for colour.” 1888. Van Gogh.


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