It does not matter if the rumours are true or not. It matters what buyers believe

“It does not matter if the rumours are true or not. Because in this climate it is what buyers believe”.  The slightest whisper can cause a chaotic situation. And there is no need for any real event to set off the panic. Since Reagan and Thatcher, the corporate world has been deregulated so governments are supposed to take a hands-off approach. Until it fails, which is when the public sector has a role: to step in and rescue the private sector from its own folly and incompetence. Private profit, public pain: the Irish know something about it.
(See the video from the 17:00 minut to the 18.39 minut. Film: WALL STREET: MONEY NEVER SLEEPS part 2. 2010)
– Did you hear what he said on TV the other night? Home loan defaults are just the first raindrop in the mother of all  storms.
– Sour grapes, this man.
– The world is he is stuck with  with a ton of toxic subprime debt off the balance sheet. Billions. So buddy, it don’t matter if the rumours are true or not. Because in this climate, it is what buyers believe. And where there is smoke, there is fire.
– I’ll make you a bet right now. I got a million dollars left of my bonus, okay? It is yours tomorrow a.m. You put it in KZI shares. You leverage  that to the max. That is how much I believe in this company.
– Did you not hear me? Listen, as your only friend left from a place in Long Island no one can remember, left alone pronounce, I am telling you, you are acting like your mama. Don’t do that. Leave her out of this.
– Plus, why would he spot-bonus me right now if we were in trouble? It makes no sense. Look, you don’t want to make any money on this, fine. I am sure Harry would love to.
– Okay, okay. I am a hooker, too. Send it to me. You are still young enough to recover. I will ream  you on the commission.

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