The monument I have chosen to show as a place of interest in Barcelona is the isolated sculpture Topos V erected in a public square. I know that this upright sculpture puzzle many visitors because of the carved holes in the huge iron surfaces.

At first I thought that the four semi-circular holes on the top of the sculpture might have been made to be read as the letter “B” for Barcelona. Moreover, the Greek word “topos” means a space or a place. So these holes might have been carved in the iron sculpture to construct keeping in mind the local area.

But by the time I realised that if the openings had symbolized this letter, then those holes would have been two holes. So I searched and I found out that the most plausible theory is that these carved holes suggest the semi-circular arches of the medieval architecture. In fact, I think this monumental iron structure could have thought as an amazing linking between the tradition and the contemporary times.








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