Given that digital tools such as Bim Information Modelling are no longer uncommon in the construction world it is claimed that this sector is going through a digital transition to a real digital work. Needleless to say, there is a deep irony in all of this argumentation. We tend to regard the action of removing outdated software which is a think of the past as a metaphoric sense of digital transformation. Some of the construction world pride themselves on their digital achieve.
Of course, we are programming with Python (Why Python is not the programming language of the future  and  Top 7 Modern programming languages to learn now).Although Python is a programming language easy to learn, or at least more easy to use that for example C++ or Java, maybe is not the better for our purpose. I can tell us that I use Java Script as a programming language, but I am open to other programming language if it can be more suitable. Admittedly, it works well as it is a complex language that allows me programming what I need. That leaves a question hanging. What is the better programming language for us?
It seems that the important thing is drawing lessons from past failures we had like we have not been able to overcome the last financial crisis because of the lack of specialization (green energy, fire engineer…) and digital work. Spite of this, we have a second chance but the degree to which this current situation will ensure the real digital success remains highly contested. Maybe we end up in a trouble because of the lack of real benefits or results. It goes without saying that we are expected to come up with clear ideas about our digital future embarking on a whole digital strategy if we will go through strongly huge changes.
But what should we do to move into the real digital transition?
So we will  set up a study where we will sound out relevant members of this digital transition who will be subjected to a thorough examination of their digital work. The result of these interview will be posted in this web site.
We constantly will update this information to keep things fresh about digital work in construction world.
As an example of new digital projects we have the company Fieldlens which uses mobile phone in construction world:
Hello Mobile Construction World


© Image:fieldlens.com


© Image:fieldlens.com


© Image:fieldlens.com

And finally, it should not be forgotten:  Innovation, social business and be sustainable.
How to Spark Innovation? Always Observe, Break conservative Thinking, Cultivate Empathy, and Celebrate Small Wins.
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