The power of being humble but good at job. The cheapest street food stalls Michelin-starred

I Vocaroo online voice recorder can heard me telling the story about how humble people is recognised for their good job.

Two humble food stalls in Singapore became the first street vendors to receive a Michelin star last week. These Michelin-starred stalls were included among the dining venues of the new Singapore guide.

Singapore is the first south-east Asian country in the world, and the fourth in Asia, awarded by the Michelin Guide.

The owner of one of the food stalls was very delighted with the international award and expects it will stimulate young people to run hawker food business which actually is managed by senior chefs.

The stalls recognised by a Michelin-star have not immediate intention to raise the price of their dish so they don’t reach the high levels of the Michelin-star prices.

There are other countries which have been recognised by the Michelin guide such as Tokyo becoming the first Michelin-starred ramen noodle bar of the world. The modest seat-avenue with low prices was rated for its amazing foodie options.

In relation to this topic I can tell us something that happened to me about six years ago. I was reading a newspaper The telegraph, when I saw the new that a Japanese ramen restaurant had been crowned with a star Michelin. Of course, it was unexpected because ramen has been regarded such as cheap and tasty fast food. And I thought it was a good idea to have Michelin modest restaurants with cheap menu where costumers are seduced by the quality of a bowl of noodles. It’s not easy to make good ramen because the noodles are alive so they can absorb too much water or become too wet.

In my opinion expensive restaurants aren’t always the best restaurants because local restaurants with bargain prices can make dishes which are exceptional using a high quality of ingredients and unusual flavours in order to make something new.  So foodie food isn’t linked to price.

I think fast food doesn’t deserve its poor reputation because there is some fast food you can eat without any risk of padding your arteries or your waistline. For example, a burger made from beef, topped with ketchup, lettuce and tomato held together in a sesame seed bun, is healthier than I thought because it gives me protein and iron.

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