Business English- Tone and language for making suggestions

Tone and Language Choice for Making Suggestions


1. If necessary, begin with why you´re writing.

Ex. I´m Trying to set up a time when we could all meet to talk about…

2. Be direct if the suggestion is routine.

Ex.Let´s talk about this at our meeting on Friday.

3. Be less direct if the suggestion is not routine.

Ex. It might be a good idea to talk about this with Jorge.

Direct Suggestions:

Let´s talk about this.

How about Friday?

How about meeting tomorrow?

Would Tuesday work?/be okay?

Why don´t we…?

Less direct Suggestions:

If you can/could…, we can/could/will…

I´m wondering if we could…?

Do you think we should/could…?

Maybe we should/could…

I was wondering about whether we might be able to…?

What do you think?

I´d like to get your ideas/ suggestions on this idea.

Note: the simple form of the verb follows “Let´s” and modal auxiliary verbs such as would, could, can. Use a noun or gerund after “How about”.

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